2020 October 11 – FH – female age 13 – Class Notes

          This week’s class was pretty normal. I came very late to class because I woke up a little bit late as always. For this Sunday I was expected to bring the english of page 8 in the Manzil Book, but I didn’t quite do that, I just bought the level 1 concepts and the Arabic of page 8 in the Manzil book. When I got to the class I see everyone standing on their chairs, I knew exactly what that meant they were doing the number questions which is not my favorite this is basically when the teacher says a number and we have to come up with what we do in our religion  that represents that number like if he says “give me 5” we would say “the five pillars, or the five prayers” after that we would stayed them for example the five pillars are: 

  1. Declaration Faith 
  2. Prayers 
  3. Charity 
  4. Fasting 
  5. Pilgrimage 

When I stood on my chair the teacher started asking me and if I didn’t answer then we all would have to do 40 pushups, I was absolutely not ready to answer the question, it took me a while but I remembered and we didn’t have to do the pushups.  

          The teacher told us about the stethoscope and how they invented the new gadget that costs $2000 . It is very small from what I understood and it also does things that the stethoscope doesn’t. I found it a little interesting how after a while using the stethoscope they invented a new thing that replaces it. 

          Then we discussed the Universal values, which is something that every in the world agrees on. An example would be not killing your parents I know that no one would want to kill their parents I mean unless they are crazy. 

          The teacher told us a story about these 2 businessmen who were brother If I remember correctly and one day one of them died but the journalists made a mistake and instead of writing the obituary  of the one who died they wrote one about the guy who is still alive he he read the obituary and saw words that described him that  he didn’t quite like, he thought that everyone liked him then he said to himself “ I don’t want people to talk about me this way”. This guy was Alfery Nobel, he started the Nobel Prizes and he gives prizes to everyone on earth who is lucky enough to win. 

          We also talked about giving but not becoming poor as a class, this concept makes so much sense to me, because it basically means help other but don’t give them everything you have for example if you had to pay your water bill and only had enough money to pay the bill and go past a poor guy then keep your money because you need it, on the other hand if you had extra money and feel sad for the guy then you can give him that money if you feel comfortable doing so. 

          The teacher also talked about the formative years topic it basically means thing that you are going through in your life that you have not mastered yet, this also reminds of the phrase that the teacher said and really caught my attention “ don’t be tomorrow if you haven’t finished Today” I really think that this a really important phrase of you understand it. An example of my formative years would be: being in eight garde, imitating Jeniffer Grout, playing tennis, being 13 years old….ect these are things that I haven’t ever done in my life and are still developing at. 

          Then we talked about the grave and the 3 questions that you get asked when you die:

  1. Who is your lord 
  2. What is your religion 
  3. Who is your prophet 

 These questions are so easy right? But your brain is not the thing that is answering these easy questions, it is your soul therefore you have to feed your soul and have faith in God, if you just say Bissmillah every time before you start eating.  And when you pray from your heart not because your parents are making you do so, or reading the quran from your heart and having faith. 

          We also talked about how we should figure out where we are and how we could improve our thinking and academic skills, because if we wait until we grow and then find think about what we are planning to do in our lives then we are just wasting our time and it is going to take us longer than it is supposed to. 

           The teacher mentioned public speaking which is one of my weaknesses I am so bad at public speaking I’ve tried it before and did so bad I was starting to match a tomato and was eating up words this was when I was 9 years old and I don’t think I have done public speaking from then, and not wishing to do it or get another chance to do better it was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. 

          We also talked about being CA stands for change agent from what I understood it being a change agent means to help change the world and accepting God and being a good muslim. 

          After this we watched a fake movie because it was like 10 minutes it was about how islam began and how the prophet peace be upon him kept on helping others convert and sharing the message wiht everyone even through the hard times that he was going through. The prophet had to run away and go to Madinah but Quraysh was chasing him so he and his uncle hid in a cave then a spider made a spider web and there was a bird with its eggs and it’s nest so when Quraysh came by they use Common sense  and that tells them that if the prophet was missing for just like 3 hours a bird wouldn’t have a nest with eggs and there wouldn’t be a spider web so they thought that that was there from long ago and that it is impossible for the prophet to be there. 

          For next week I will try my best to do the english of page 8 in the Manzil book and Sourate fil and Quraysh in arabic and english remember I said try.

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