2019 Sep class of 9/29/19 notes by 13 yr old Female

Week 2, 9/29/19, Female, 13, AS

(actual note(s) from student(s)) submitted within one week of class –

(These notes are mostly unedited and represent a GISLA students understanding of the previous class the attended.) Student attend class on Sunday and submit their essay of what they learnt before the next class. Interestingly, as can be seen below the same class yields different lessons for each student even though the content of the class they hear was the same.)
Students graduate level 1 IF and WHEN they pass the Level one exam (some do it in 6 weeks and some take 3 years and counting…) and students from anywhere in the world can test out to pass and earn the GISLA Level one trophy)

   On September 29, I walked into class and said salam to my teacher. Then my teacher told me to do two cycles of prayer and then he told me to meditate for about 10-15 minutes. We started class by talking about three main things that happened in the news.

The first main thing was that a police officer got shot in Houston Texas and this man wasn’t a regular police officer, he was the first Sikh police officer to ever have in Houston Texas. Then another topic we talked about that’s happening in the news is how Nancy Pelosi the speaker for “House of Representatives” is trying to get Trump impeached and how it’s not a good idea because in impeachment hasn’t worked since the early 1900s and none of the republicans would vote for this impeachment.

After that we started to talk about how the holiday Ashura and how all muslims celebrate it but shias are the ones who celebrate it differently. Then it was testing time and I didn’t test out because I wasn’t ready at all and the teacher wants me to learn the small parts of the prayer in english so next time I have to come prepared so he can test me out. The teacher started to talk about how major sins can leave you into trouble and when you enter heaven those are the one left on earth.

Next we started to talk about how when we pray we should pray with focus and it’s the most important thing to go into the room were Allah is sitting and going into that room is key to everything that you need. After that we started to talk about the concepts that are on the gisla website. The first concept we learn is the “soap and water” concept. It’s where you should wash your hands with soap because it will make your hands cleaner. Then the second concept we learned is the “Oil Jug” concept and that’s where every good deed you do a drop of oil leaves the jug and your trying to get all that oil out. After that it was time for me to leave so I said goodbye to my teacher and left.

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