2019 Feb – How to Better Understand the Quran

How to Better Understand the Quran Grade: 8     Ages: 14

The Quran can be  very confusing to understand especially if …..

One way to understand the Quran is reflection.


Reflection means a fixing of thoughts or looking back at something such as thoughts and actions. ??God has given many?? available to us for our use. We don’t realize how much we depend on God and how much we need Him in our lives.

One  example for us to reflect on is  livestock. Livestock are cattle, sheep, poultry, and other useful animals kept on a farm or ranch for domestic use. We depend on these animals for clothing, transportation, agriculture, and most importantly food.

Another example to reflect on  is seafood. God has made the sea available to us for food. ???(u can say m,uch more)


Another way to understand the Quran in a better understanding is History.

In the Quran many prophets are mentioned about their lives and what they did. God told us to learn from mistakes made in the past, and to perfect those mistakes.

One of the prophets mentioned is Prophet Noah. The story of him is that Noah told all the villagers to believe in God. None of the villagers wanted to because they believed in statues and idol; except for a few. Noah was furious. So God told him to build a boat because a humongous storm was on its way. God also told him to get two sets of each animal, and all of the believers to go with him on his journey. Noah got started on building the boat. The day the storm came, everyone who was supposed to be on the boat was on there. All of the non believers died, and all the survivors start a new life.

Another story about a prophet was David. In his time no one believed and God except for David and he didn’t like it. David left his village and went on a boat without telling anyone. He didn’t even ask for God’s help. The captain on the ship couldn’t move the boat because it was too heavy. The captain and the rest of the crew decided to throw David overboard. Even though being abandoned at sea, David was swallowed by a whale. He stayed in the whale for a little while, before the whale regurgitated him out. From then on David learned his lesson and started a new life in a new place.

A e third way to understand the Quran is ?? by the use of Admonishment phrases.

Admonish is to caution or advise against something or warn us that this is what will happen to us. The Quran specifically says if we make a mistake that is punishable, there will be consequences in our life, or afterlife. The Quran also states what will happen to us in hell on certain actions that we perform.


But the Quran also tells us about a place in heaven which is paradise. If you follow the Quran, it tells you what it takes to get into heaven. The last way to understand the Quran is instruct.

??Instruct is what we are supposed to do. God tells us what to do and what will happen. In Surah 17 Al-Isra pg.390 it talks about the 10 commandments. The ten commandments are belief in God, don’t kill your children in fear of poverty, be kind to your parents, don’t show off or spend all of your money, don’t commit adultery, don’t kill anyone except for just cause, don’t say anything without knowledge, don’t walk arrogantly on earth, and don’t take an orphans property unless you are making it better. The other things God tells us not to do or to do are pray 5 times a day, do not eat pork, and don’t drink alcoholic beverages. God tells us to do many things and we should listen to Him.

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