2021 October 10 — AH — male age 10 — Week 5

Today was a pretty nice simple class with a lecture that lasted for 2 hours. First of all, we started by meditating (as usual) for 20 minutes after I was finished with the routine I had to wait for a few minutes as the time occurred it felt like an hour. I was relieved when I was told I could enter the classroom for some we had to wait outside for only a few seconds.LG started us off with the pledges many people didn’t know (including me) Then he pop quizzed us about the six beliefs and the five pillars which are

The profession of Faith (shahada)

Prayer (salat)

Alms (zakat)

Fasting (sawm)

Pilgrimage (hajj)

the six beliefs


he Quran (given to Muhammad),

the Torah (given to Moses),

the Gospel (given to Jesus),

the Psalms (given to David),

 and the Scrolls (given to Abraham).

Do you know Alfred noble and have you heard what helpful and rewarding action he decided to make. It started with him hearing some bad things about his brother that he thought were about him. But then figured were about his brother(yeah I know complicated)So he decided to not let anyone say something about but that is impossible cause people just do. So Alfred bequeathed his fortune to the Nobel Prize institution which is something he is known for and also some of his inventions. which leads me to my next (vocab word)obituary something nice said about someone due to their recent death and the opposite had happened for Alfred’s brother. We also discussed endowment An example of an endowment is a scholarship that has been given in memory of a dead person and that helps (fund) the education of kids and students. Another example of an endowment is when a person makes a gift of money to support a university or other case . … Usually funds given to endowments are significant. Lg also told us about this guy who wrote about nice people in a colonial society with different colors and races but the meaning of all this is we don’t want to be associated with something bad so we don’t do something bad and that any and everything we do we are accountable for and that is our choice it will also determine where we go. Other vocab we discussed are

hackers: And hackers are the ones who can crack the phone for the iPhone

cruisers: are the ones who go along with the iPhone(metaphorically)

slackers: Are the ones who are learning how to use the iPhone

referring to life there are the people who don’t care about school scholarships and are just enjoying life

cruisers go along with everything and enjoy as much free time as they have

And hackers are the ones working to maximum potential in life most successful And the main concept for this is to not waste your brain fill with as much(useful) Information as possible and push and always think have belief that you can be better than you are at this exact moment. We also discussed that we should never delay something till the next time or day and you could not even end up what you need which makes success a lot harder to get to another thing is if you do one good thing for the world like helping provide water for who find it difficult to get you are giving them time to do something for there own use and the worlds which will earn you a ticket to heaven if you didn’t do something such as committing a crime and others but if you keep delaying who knows if you won’t be in your deathbed the next day. And at that time you might wonder if you ever made a difference in the world but your time would have already faded. Another important concept that we discussed is charging the phone if you have relatives or other close family and you like to talk to them you’re phone needs to be charged the same thing goes with Allah if you charge up your book but you cant stop you have to keep in contact tell the time comes because if you start a  business but then you lose communication with the people you’re cooperating with the person your work into what you’ve created will all go down like sled on the snow and if you have a charged phone but you don’t have the number how will you get in contact And if we don’t make prayer five times a day we don’t have the phone number even though we have the good deeds and if we make prayer and others but we don’t believe or make wudu it’s having a phone with a broken screen that doesn’t let you use it and the only way to keep your relationship with Allah is to make wudu believe pray and do good deeds. Think about for a minute Quran and Islam are common sense if were keeping a relationship with Allah that something we have to do in our daily lives with everyone and reading Quran is something we need with everything how do we get information by reading articles and books and watching videos and where do the people making those videos get the information they need BOOKS. Quick question who do you think YOU are a goat or a sheep if you’re a sheep you’re (dumb)I am not trying to be offensive but the sheep just follow in with the herd and even the leader of the herd is following someone else which is the goat the one that thinks with the brain and knows what’s going on or has situational awareness and what happens to the sheep they get slaughtered as of the goats they only have so much of them possibly even one so they won’t get rid of him they’ll keep him cause they need him and that’s just the way society and human nature works. And do you know what qh is its hadith and Quran

witch one goes the first hadith but it is not more important it goes first because it is meant to explain or introduce Quran but without Quran, there is no hadith? Another thing that is listed in the Quran

Is that you should reflect and not make the same mistake twice

the ad quickly adding again this is common sense, another thing is that you should respect your vows words, and promises, and anything bad that happens to you god knows it’s for your good because when one door closes another one opens.LG also told us about this tennis player that was good at tennis but rejected because of his race after lots of determination he became a famous tennis player after a while he stopped playing then this guy with all these trophies perfectly healthy just got cancer, But he was still thankful and not mad at Allah because Allah helped him win all these games and I’m gonna mad at him for giving me one disease, he was actually regretful that he didn’t thank god enough. We should always have this mindset about Allah. Take prophet youness and youuseff they were both put in situations where they didn’t lose belief in Allah and that is what saved them. Something that we don’t realize is that we are given opportunities but we never take advantage of them in situations where we are given a disease its a warning or an opportunity to change something and we are given the chance to spend time with family you might take it for granted till it’s gone and you don’t even realize it. Would you rather be stinking rich  rich or poor?

if you chose poor or rich is based on you you’re criteria

But the goal is to use your potential to the maximum. But if you ever are don’t just keep wanting more use your money to help a good cause whether it’s a university or a poor person get back on their feet it doesn’t matter how much you have what matters is what you do with. Because everything you have is a gift and what good is it if you don’t share it take Leonardo for an example he donates to help so many Muslim causes and it’s hard to think he’s not but as for us who are Muslims but don’t should be shameful for this because we mostly care about our selves and our family but not others, it is very important to share your gift because it is an Amana from Allah and everything we have from Allah is amanna from head to toes to kids to food and all others. One more thing is universal values which without we would dye like stealing because if we do there will be nothing and we will starve with a lack of food and other needs. And if you go around murdering everyone the whole world will go into a murder frenzy and you’ll eventually die too. Because human instinct is survival And not needing to classify it is very important in human nature. Another thing I remember talking about is that 1 even if you have good advice it matters where you get the advice not how good it is and two common sense is never meant to fit you because if you gamble 50 win 100 but then gamble 50,000 and expect to win 100,000 You don’t that’s just common sense.

My homework for next week is to recite all my Quran/prayer sheet

and research meerrage and prophet jibreel

Hope to meet you next time when you’re reading this (to whoever will)

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