2023 Sep Week 43 F 17

FL Week 3 Female Age 17 03/09/2023

Today was our third week in the Greenstairs program so we went to Walmart to buy some fruit and then we arrived at the masjid at 8h40am. so we went to the classroom but it was not open and then we waited for a few minutes because we thought that the teacher was late or something like that. After waiting for a few minutes someone opened the doors and we thought that it was the teacher but no it was another one and he told us today nobody was doing class and he closed the door. After two people came and he was calling the teachers but no answer Sir S arrived and the other opened the door and arranged the class and went to the mosque to the zikr(meditation) so we know that the teacher was not coming today.

We did the meditation at the mosque because we couldn’t fit into the classroom and we did it for about fifteen minutes by ourselves. After that, we went back to the classroom and then Sir S asked us what we had to begin with so I answered by saying the three pledges meaning the pledge of alliange by facing to flag, the pledge of faith by facing the qibla, and the pledge of knowledge and Sir S ask why we said the pledges. Student O couldn’t answer any of them so Sir S was disappointed because step one was for everyone to know what was the pledge and why we said it and explain it. After finished with the pledges, we did the fun part that we should be more interested in because we are the future of what happens in the world which means the news, and everybody should know at least three news so we started with a student I and he couldn’t tell, student R said his tree news, I did, sisters A said her three, brothers M said his three, and student O said we give all the news he wants to say it and after the students of the level 2 tell each one news after we talk about the most point and why we talk about it is it something important we have to do or not and we answer yes because what happens is important in the world for us to know and sir S said that we can have an conversation with a person we don’t know to make a connection. Mr. C said we could go to the war of China to fight.

Sir S asked us do we knew about trust Amana and we all gave our answers and he said it was correct but was the safekeeping of something and not just physical like a secret and worship of God. In the Islamic faith – God trusts human beings by giving them the heart and Chaytan asks why human beings and why not us because they were created with fire and we were created with clay. So we need to be grateful and participate to make the world be better place to be to be a goat and not a sheep because a goat is a leader and sheep are just being eaten by other animals. After talking about Xbox means that work or not work, practice environment, and with the help of our parents because they have more experience than us and, in the future, we can have more Xbox than them. Sir S told us if we are doing something that is making something no common sense stop it and ask questions, and he gave us the example of someone creating a Facebook account to recruit a lot person and telling them to go kill other people and they will have sbox if they do it, they are not using their common sense because God said if someone kills a person is like killing the humanity so ask questions of their common sense. After all, it cannot please God. He gave us another example if someone told you to take a flash drive to put it on a computer is simple and after you have a thousand dollars, you have to ask to help others because is easy and be very careful about easy staff. Sir S asked us if we had any homework from the teacher last time and I answered yes because our homework was to find 1 to 11 and their significance in Islam and we had to say what we found but me and sister didn’t have the same answer so discuss about it by the help of student M she explains that their will different meaning so it was all correct. After that, we talked about B.S. (belief sincerely) My dad is full of BS because he wants us to be the first in everything we do. how do we right God, All the new student says G-O-D, and all the old students says G-O-O-D (how do we feel God is Good) May GOOD help me to go to Mecqua in 22 years. what is a goat? (a leader) I will be one of the biggest leaders in the world. After we tested one by one but before that we took about fifteen minutes before testing with Sir S.

For next week we have to memorize the paper of salah that the teachers give as back and front in Arabic and English because Sir S said we can do it. There were two volunteers who had to present their topic for about fifteen minutes. For others, we have to prepare our presentation for next week and it is mandatory. Give the definition or attempts of the definition of all thirty-seven metaphors that were on the board of the classroom.

At the Greenstairs program the end of every class I learn that have responsibilities and how to take care of them. I learned how to be a goat and not a sheep to do monkey see monkey do and always be prepared at home by doing all your homework and know all things I have learn.

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