2023 Aug week 2 M 16

27 August 2023
MD /16year
2nd week

Today was my 2nd week at green stairs leadership program. We woke up late compared to usual and had our breakfast. I think we were well prepared but during all the road I felt like something was missing. We entered the Shirly gate parking at around 8:50, me and my sibling were rushing to get in class because we taught, we were late.

Next, arriving in class we said the salaam and the teacher immediately told us to sit on the floor facing the wall and meditate on a recitation. So, we do that for like 20mn, after a girl M who is level 2 explain us that the point of that meditation was to try to fell the presence of God like we do in the salat, and she said that is very difficult but if we keep working on that we can do it.
After that he told us to explain the 3 pledges but when he ask how the pledge of religion was, we did it in English, so we all do 5 pushes up and the little guy explain us how to do the pledge of knowledge because last time we didn’t learn .the little guys told us that “you have to look at the person that give you knowledge and say the Sourat Fatiha in English” Sir said if we screwup 3 time we out of the class and have to take next class in Decembre. After that he gave us time to learn our Fatiha in English and stuff then quit the class
After a long moment, he came back with many other guys. From what we saw there was someone who had come to convert. That was so impressive because that was my first time seeing someone taking his Shahada. Later they explain to us that when someone takes his shahada he is purified, it is like when he came from as a baby all his sins are forgiven like all of them so we can ask them to make Duaa for us because he is better than every single one of us. But He has to be prepared for Lost, he might lose his family his friend his sibling’s people are not close to us anymore relationship with certain people brake.
That why they have to put on their mind that God is more important than all of these relationship’s.
After he said his Shahada, we saluted him like our brother and that was so nice I think I’ll never forget this.
So next Sir made us stand on a chair and let us know that every wrong answer we were going to do up and down. And then he asked student H the value of 6 in Islam which was (God, Angel, Prophet, Book, Day of judgment and Destiny) but unfortunately, he doesn’t succeed so we did 6 up and down. After he ask the 5 Pillard in Islam which was (Chahada, Salat, Fasting, Zakat and Hadj) in this one we succeed so now we have to memorize all 11. Now the fun part when he told us to say 3 New’s that we say but we forgot the most essential New’s, the New’s that all the world Is talking about “THE DEATH OF THE RUSSIAN GENERAL WAGNER” and everybody say that Russia did it.
Anyway, Sir left the class and the other teacher lead it one of theme teacher us an oath (LG I understand that this is a voluntary program if we do not failure to complain it will result in a Imediat exponent) which mean if LG give you a task you shall do it and if you don’t you out the program. We repeat it two times, but we don’t memorize it, so LG to us about our retentiveness issue, that make us kind a bad about ourselves.
Another teacher tells us about his daughter who was in the program always complaining because of its roughness but now she is the President of her school Muslim association. In this case this program was benefit for her so it’s also going to be of benefit for us.
Actually, Sir tell us about body language he said that every position has a meaning those are call non-Verbal-cues and to practice that he told us to meet somebody and come back and talk about this person
So, I went to a parent, and I talked with him for about 5mn to know better about him. That was easy because it was a parent but when I switched to a teacher it was way harder. I kept choking my eye contact and She kept asking me question instead of me doing the reverse, she dominated me at all side. And I also kept losing my word went LG was at my side and as a goat I think I was acting like a sheep.

Anyways Sir tell us about B.S at first, we all thought of the negative meaning of the word but went he said, “why would we talk of B.S in a Sunday morning in a mosque” we all start thinking in the right way so know we know that B.S is a metaphor of “believe Sincerity” He kept continuing with other metaphor so know we know that, world is not limited on what we learn. We have to use our reason.

In fact , Sir asked us a question “what the point of life” A very tricky question because many people think that the point of life is just to worship God even if it true, but the real point of life is to be a khalif, to make the world a better place for anything in it, to take care of the world by having assistance to anything even if that animal or real person. We have to build a legacy of our life, build our own story

At the end, one of the teachers explained to us the difference between leadership and management. So, the leader has to articulate and use his leading ability to be the best he can to make the person behind him follow, leader influence people toward an ability. Leaders are born not made otherwise of a manager. Everybody can manage there is no need of skill like the leader

Ultimately, I realize that this green staircase program is a great way for people like me to think outside the box and start thinking and acting like a real goat. Even though it is a Rigorous program in about 1 day, I can already feel the purpose of these punishments and brutalities and I want to finish it and be my best.

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