2021 October 24 – AN – female age 13 – Class Notes

Today began with a meditation session as usual. Having entered the classroom 10 minutes earlier than usual, we were in class at 9:50 AM. I was told to tell someone how we usually begin class, and so I did. Our next step was to practice and test for an hour or so. As I had been there for 3 weeks, I think I had memorized the correct amount of duas and surahs in English (personal opinion). So I decided to complete the rest of the paper we were provided on our first day as homework. While in class, I memorized the English translation of Tashahhud.

We had lunch at around 11:00, which was pulao samosas and pizza. While we were having lunch, LG randomly called on some of us and asked us to present something of our own choice. When he called on me I felt so awkward because all of the attention was on me, but somehow I managed to do something (the struggle was real though).

The only homework we were given was to write about the mastery concept, apart from the essay we get every week. I have included my essay below ⬇

Mastery is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity”. It is not possible to observe mastery directly, as it is an establishment, however, it can be deduced from detectable productions on a set of articles or duties associated to a certain hypothesis, expertise, or concern.

In schooling environments, we authenticate mastery by interrogating singles to acknowledge progression of inquiries or to conduct a chain of assignments. We then conclude the acceptability of their answers or presentations as sustained in opposition to particular basis. So in nature, we regulate mastery through several forms of configuration evaluations.


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