2023 Aug Week1 M 16

2023 august 20
we arrive in class at 9:35 normal class here start at 9o’clockbut it was not a mistake because that was the first day and the teacher let it to 9:45 as soon as we arrived, we remark that we were the first student when we were trying to enter the teacher kick us out because my sister F doesn’t say the Salam hopefully we manage to get in class. The teacher order us to sit and asked her our name, class, GPA and country where do we came from, he explain us what the goal of this class when he say all the benefit of this class I realize that it’s this is actually what I wanted for many year and I was glad to be there
even it’s still hard for me because I’m new to the country and my English is not good i wanted to know more and give the best of myself to become a better version of me and a better Muslim. They order us to arrange sheet storage for the other students.
“what your favorite hobby” he ask me i say football then he say who win the female world cup ? what I didn’t have the answer to he continue and asking for the news’s and more but we were still silent he made us know the fact that new generation aren’t paying attention to news’s anymore we feel very guilty because without news’s you can’t know what is around you and say that every day we have to bring him 3 New’s . after that he order us to stand up and look at the American flag . he explain us that we are in a mosque in front of the flags right hand on the heart while reciting the pledge of allegiance because they give us the freedom of religion and the right to exercise our religion without any problem so we have to be grateful and after all it’s our country .after that we turn on the direction of the qibla and say the shahada which means there is no other god than Allah and Mohamed(peace and salvation be upon him)is his messenger. This sentence has a deep meaning because there is a civilization named Bannu Quraysh who had many and many good so Allah said “There is no other god than Allah ” to be clear and make there other god’s toy’s and continue with “Mohamed is messenger “because the Christian people taught that Jesus is the son of god and to prevent this to happen for Prophet Mohamed(PAS) Allah say that sentence to make them know Mohamed is not a god or a son of god he is just a messenger. That pledge of faith also make us repent for leaving Islam without knowing it because only god knows .With all these learning I was very happy to know all that but when the other teacher enter the room and sir LG ask me to explain all that to the guys i was shock I was trying to find my word but they did not come i was staying there without any word i was not able to explain him and maybe it’s because I’m only in the state for 2 months and also the stress of failing my explanation he said to the kid next to us to explain what they did well that was very embarrassing.After all that talking stage, the praying part began.
Sir taught us the intention to have before every salat there is 4 intensions before salat (which direction, how many cycle, which salat and for who?) and rectify our error in every part I was struggling a little with the Sujood, but he helps me to figure out my error . We all practice it one by one. he gives us the right posture and give us many other examples he explains why women must have their hand higher than man. I see many differences between our African posture and their posture but Sir said there is no sin in making different one because they are many different traditions and culture. he gives us a tiny book who contain numerous of dua and full of knowledge Sir gave us 15mn to learn what to say during salat. Time up it time for the test he

takes me bring my to the front of everyone and ask me to do salat I was a lit bit nervous but I think I made did many mistake I learn that my hand shouldn’t be in my chest after I came back from ruqqu and my hand posture was a little bit mess up in my sujood but now I know all that and I am going to do my best to fix it during the praying practice I recite 6 surah which is sourat Nass Sourat Ikhlas Sourat falaq Sourat An Nasr Sourat kafiroon and Surat Al Maun wich I know pretty well because I already learned it in my country but there is some duaa do I have to learn after testing us all Sir made a little joke ranking it was fun by the way. After Sir give us the reason why we have to say bismillah he explain that I saying it is for feeding our soul for when we all died and Mounkar and Nakir show up on our grave we can habe the habilty to talk fluently with them.
He also talk about the difference about us an animal even they can eat , drink , think . poop there is one particular thing they can do is making reason . he also make a big difference between ship and goat sir said that ship are stupid they can be kill pretty easily beside a goat who is a really smart let take example in football terms we call a goat someone who is really good( The Greatest Of All Time ) it because goat are smart goat are fast goat are intelligent it’s very difficult to kill a goat that what teacher said he said that a the end of that program we have to be a Goat we have to use a 100% of our brain make it bigger because scientific said that brain is a muscle it have to develop we have to make it work . we have to develop our writing ,our retentiveness ,our capability to Express ,talk fluent and became less introverted and I think this program is the perfect place to improve those

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