2021 September 26 – BA – male age 16 – class notes

In my second week in Green Stairs Academy leadership.I came in class at 10:02 right around the same time the previous week before. Teacherji told me to not come late the next class or I will be sitting outside the entire class period. This week I didn’t come prepared with the homework that I was given. I had some tests and a project due during that week and had a different Quran class which made me procrastinate on my homework. I struggled to memorize the meaning of Fatiha due to the lack of time to do it during the class. But after 30-40 mins I and my classmate finished it. Then I asked teacherji what my homework will be next class he told me he won’t “babysit me and told me I should go at my own pace”.So the next week I’m hoping to prepare the Pledge of faith, pledge of allegiance, pledge of knowledge, and also the prayer translations. My goal is to try to fit at least 20-30 mins of homework practicing in my time each day.

Starting off the class we had a new student. Then we dived into the lesson which was a review of the list of words we went through last class. These words include common sense, context, Accountability, Gratefulness, Ostentatious, Amanah. We went with a brief discussion of each and its importance. As common sense is the common ability to choose the best choice and context don’t just assume stuff gather the information first then draw a conclusion. And accountability is when you are accountable for your actions, ideas, thoughts, and gratefulness are to appreciate and or recognize everything you have from Allah. And Ostentatious is kind of like showing off what you have and Amanah is sharing your knowledge everyone in this world has the right to do Amanah. There are Three types of Amanah we talked about written, verbal and mental. All in which a Muslim must consult of doing.

After reviewing these words we had a class presentation to do. We started off with the new student who didn’t do a good job presenting. So teacherJi told him to do it again with the same facts but in a better manner, he tried again and did better. Then it was my turn to go a present to the class. I started off with my name age and school. I then explained some hobbies I like doing (Basketball, gaming). Then teacherji told me to do the presentation once more again due to me moving around and having no correct eye contact. So I did my presentation again this time with what he had told me to do. The pizza came after our presentations so we had a break for 15 minutes we talked and ate. Then we moved on to testing and as I told you before I didn’t come prepared for surah Fatiha English translation. It was a struggle in the beginning but then a teacher came and wrote the Arabic version for me which did help. The teacher told me to go work with another student who had the same Homework as me and he told us if we get 1 thing wrong we have to do 5 push-ups. We took like 10 minutes of preparation at the end we did pass

After testing we were ready to wrap things up. Teacherji told us we must think of an idea for our next big presentation. He said it must be something he doesn’t know about. Some students wanted to do a presentation on chess, but teacherji already knows about chess. He also said it must be something we enjoy doing and would like to inform others. I thought about doing a video game or a sport. The point of this project is to prepare us and help us learn presentation skills. After that teacherji dismissed class so I went to go pray dhuhr which was in a couple of minutes then walked home.

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