2021 October 3 — AH — male age 15 — Week 4

Today went off to a great start I hadn’t visited in a while

I met the teacher on my entry to the mosque we spent a few minutes meditating Then LJ explained to us how the shaytan tries to get to us in our meditation because were worshiping Allah, Wich is very easy for shaytan to do because of any thoughts in your brain.

Then LJ off sent us off to the classroom I had recognized some faces but most of them were new to me, Also got to know some new people. The classroom still looked the same we had spent most of our time testing out I had to go over my whole level1 sheet

After 2 hours had occurred we went in for a lunch stop They had pizza bollis one was vegetables and one was cheese (with an edible crust) Then we saw this video about some issues happening in the world which made me really sad and reminded of the conflicts this world has

Then LJ took over we discussed situational awareness
wich a very required and wanted skill in the world, Take this for a demonstration, You have a pool that has no current water, And you just go for a dive, but if you took time to refrain to take a look at your surroundings and not getting critically hurt.

So yes not having situational awareness can be pretty dangerous in some scenarios if you’re driving and you’re not aware of the road or if you’re on break from a soccer game the break ends but you’re not even aware of it. Did you know that When you’re throwing away you’ve leftovers does the thought run through your brain that others would dye for that crust of pizza or that last bit of rice that you’re not able to spoon Because while you sitting down enjoying your meals others are fighting for it sadly this is a common issue around the world that people are providing assistance for like food drives and many more we still have lots more to go

Also have you ever heard about 3m the company that blew up with its amazing invention STICKY NOTES how did they become successful. I will give you a minute to make assumptions, if you guessed that I don’t know what you but the point is they don’t care like someone that says have an invention make it im giving the money all the resources If you fail they just go like how much did cost 1million
here you go try again, yes They are providing their inventors the resources and the freedom to create anything which is how google operates, and many other popular companies. Another common confidential issue that we discussed is not speaking up because of your race,

An example is that the girls find that they need to talk is not needed because the boys and others are already sharing lots of their ideas so they don’t think they have a chance to speak And think their opinion is not important, some people also face the same problem but because the color of their skin and there’s is some people who are just shy witch I can relate to so all I can say Is speak even if your not willing to and that is something that I think will really help One more I have to say everyone has this confidence issue at some point it could just start in a blink.

We discussed that the belief of the Christians and the Hindus was like our book we all believe in one god but they assume that Ibrahims is gods son and that god had wives which referring to surat ikhlas god is the one only one he has no children nor is he any one’s child. I have a question for you if I gave a bow and arrow and a target Would you go for the bullseye LJ had explained if he shot for the outer layer hed have a better chance than us cause its time he shot he would still get a point wich my brain hasn’t fully processed But When you put to real-life it’s still debatable cause someone that runs for CEO might have fewer chances Than going For senior manager But that doesn’t use the concept that you should chase after your dreams

So I hope LJ has a better way to define his opinion. Do you know that shaytan isn’t always present you also have a shaytan inside of you everyone has one no one has a clean heart except for the prophet so sometimes the shaytan doesn’t act cause he’s waiting for the one inside of you to make a move? We all try to stay and follow the rules and expectations of are Islam but none of us are perfect we still have spots of darkness in our hearts

But the older and wiser we get The more control we have over it. Today we also discussed What BS is (belief and sincerity) Cause people actually thought it meant “bs” today LJ also shared about looking at things from different perspectives. I also hope we go over some concepts from last year cause

yes I admit it LJ I forgot everything from last year Like it was decades ago.

We also discussed a time when people used to make fun of the prophet Muhammad shala Alayhi wa salam Because he didn’t have sons and some other things. It refers to surat Qawtar o prophet we have granted the fountain of abundance wich a very large river in heaven (Jenna)All praise and sacrifices to god only fasali lla rabika a nhar.

Meaning we granted this big river nihma one of God’s blessings So pray and thank Allah With all prayers and sacrifices.It also refers to our daily life cause were only interested in having what we want And we even forget about making salah and reading the Quran cause were too busy with our own lives, But always remember to be grateful and to do our part.

My homework for next week is to finish the level one Quran sheet.
And research about the sons of prophet Muhammad and details like how long they lived.

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