2019 Dec Class notes by D 18 Yrl Old M for 12/8/2019

by DJ Age 18  Male  Class of 12/8/19

When I first entered into class today, I first prayed my late Fajir prayer and then I sat down and meditated in order to help clear my mind and gather my thoughts. This helped a lot because it helped me forget about all the stress of school I had throughout the week and it helped me reset my mind and focus on what I had to do today.

After that, we played a little game for about 30 minutes where we all had to stand on chairs and answer different trivia questions about Islam that were given to us by our teacher and If one person got it wrong, then we all had to do the step up exercise with speed on our chairs for a certain number of times. Often it was 10 to 20 or until he told us to stop. Some of the questions that were asked to us, were what were the five pillars of Islam in order, what the 6 beliefs are, and what the names of the prayers in order are and what time of day that they take place. The five pillars in order are the Shahada which is faith, Salat which is prayer, Zakat which is charity, Sawm which is fasting, and Hajj which is pilgrimage. The 6 beliefs that a Muslim must have are Belief in god, belief in angels, belief in the divine scripture known as the Quran, belief in the prophets, belief in the day of judgement, and belief in gods laws. The 5 prayers in Islam are called Fajir which is dawn, Zuhr which is midday, Asr which is late afternoon, Maghrib which is just after sunset, and Isha which is at night. When doing this game, we got these concepts wrong a couple of times but by the end of the game, we were able to fully memorize these concepts and answer them when our teacher asked us. The game was not very fun in my opinion because we had to stand up and down many times without stopping and that made me very tired but the positive was that at least I got some exercise because this step up’s are actually a real exercise routine that are used.

After that, we had our testing session which lasted for about 20 minutes. During the session, I worked on memorizing the entire prayer in both Arabic and English and I practiced tested a couple of times in order to work on certain parts that were still shaky and I needed help on. This session was beneficial because I was able to work on my prayer so I am ready for the coming weeks to finally take the real test and get the trophy and pass level

1. After the testing session, we spend the rest of class listening to lectures and taking part in discussions. Some things that I learned were that the realization of god gives you the ability to invoke god but first you must have S buck, which are spiritual bucks in your bank account. In order to achieve S bucks, you must first realize god and create a deep and personal connection with him. You cannot achieve S bucks if you don’t understand who god is, and if you cannot do that, then you cannot speak to god and truly understand him. I also learned that the number 3 and other odd numbers were the preferred numbers that were mentioned by the Prophet.

I also learned that level 2 of this program is all about banking, which is the ability to how to benefit society no matter how big or small the deed is. A simple example of this is letting people get in front of you when driving. This is such an easy and simple way to earn S bucks, yet, this is rarely practiced because most people are not thinking in that spiritual sense because they are too busy with their own personal and worldly life.

I also learned that whatever you want to become in life in terms of a career, you must push yourself and strive to be the best at what you do because to teach other people your knowledge is the best you can do to make this world a better place. We also talked about how you must always try to be god conscious and an example of this is when you find a wallet on the ground. You can either take it or return it back to the owner. The right thing to do is to return it back to the owner because you know that god is watching you.

Also, your morals also kick in so the combination of these two things will make a person choose the right decision. We also talked about life advice, such as at some point in your life, you will have to leave the family house in order to find out who you are and what you values are. This is a very crucial part of your life and you must be careful about the decisions and values that you make, especially as a Muslim.

Lastly, I learned that the bad habits that you have currently have, will most likely always still with you for the rest of your life. The reason why it is likely to stay with you is because they are so tempting and it seems to come to your mind naturally, but it is possible to get rid of any bad habits permanently but you must be willing to make changes in your life especially the way you act and think. This can be very hard but the pros outweigh the cons at the end. After that, our lecture ended and class finished. My homework for next week is to test the entire prayer in both Arabic and English.       

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