2019 Nov Class notes by DJ 18 years old Male for class of 11/3/19

Class notes by DJ 18 years old Male for class of 11/3/19

Today in class, we spend the majority of time just testing. My homework for last week was to review the entire prayer and learn Al-Maaooon in both Arabic and English. When I tested out, I did the entire prayer successfully but I got stuck on Al-Maaooon. After that, I spend the rest of the testing session, practicing Al-Maaooon in Arabic using a Quran and learning the English using my translated prayer sheet.

My homework for next week is to review the entire prayer again and work on my Al-Maaooon  because I will need to know it for the full prayer exam that I will take later.

After the testing session, we had a lunch break and we ate some pizza and talked about what everyone’s interests are. When it was my turn, I said history and politics because I have an interest in joining politics someday.

After the lunch break, we spend the rest of class studying the concepts by playing the game hangman. It was fun and some of the concepts that we went over were Oil and Jug, universal values, goats and sheep, fast and furious, tree trunk and branches, dartboard, wheel barrow and bricks, and the pen and pencil concept.

Two of these big list of concepts, that I found interesting were the oil and jug concept and the universal values concept. The oil and jug concept is that theoretically you must imagine every baby is born with a jug of oil and throughout the baby’s life as it grows into an adult, whenever they do a bad deed, a drop of oil adds to the container and whenever you do a good deed, a drop of oil leaves the container.

The objective is to have no more oil in the jug when you die, meaning you did more good deeds than bad deeds in your life. If you do have oil left in your jug, you will judged on the day of judgement and will most likely go to hell.

The universal values concept are values that are shared by all people regardless of religion, race, and ideology. These values include respecting others, don’t lie, don’t steal, equality, peace, and don’t kill your mother.

After going over all these concepts, we ended class and I went home.

In conclusion, my honest opinion was that class today would have been much better if our real teacher was here because although we learned some things, I felt that we did not learn enough because we did not have those lectures that our teacher would usually give that are so full of knowledge and also very helpful.

Our substitute teacher was only useful in testing that’s all. That is why I had very few notes written down in my notebook because usually I would have a full page of detailed notes that is very useful knowledge and advice. 

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