Homework Guidelines

As-Salam Alaykum. Below is the Homework Format discusses in class today. Homework is 1,000 words and it is now due on Sundays by midnight.

If you have any questions or are unable to submit homework by midnight, you muts email TeecherJi requesting a one day extension with your reason(s) for not submitting homework by midnight on Sunday

Please note that the 1000 words is a target not required

Homework Format
On the first line, put Week # (date), by whom (student’s initials and age), gender (female or male), and the date u submit homework. Then, type your homework content as follow:
1. What u bring to class (tested-out) and what I was supposed to know (expected to test-out).
2. What u learn from class.
3. What to study for next week. This week (3/17/19), we are to find the chapter and verse that states we should give charity (money) if we can afford (have the money) to give charity.

Please follow the procedures below to make it easier for posting your homework on GISLA website.

*Add each week’s homework to the previous week on the same page. All essays should be on one page. Keep adding to the same document every week.

Start your essays with the following statements:
Today I went to class, I arrived at (time). Then, use the Homework Format to complete the rest of your essay.

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