2018 letter by new student in her 30’s

(actual note(s) from student(s))

Written in 2018 by T ag e 36 – Today, was my first day at the Sunday school and I would like to share my experience related to that. The class was an interactive session and some of my concepts got cleared about basics of Islam like why we pray namaz and why we make dua after the Namaz etc. I really liked the concept how the teacher explained the things in his own way which were easy to comprehend and remember.

Moreover, I liked the way the teacher asked the students to be precise and quick while answering questions as he was trying to enhance their communication skills which will help them in their professional life. I also, lack this ability to answer the questions in a precise manner because since my childhood I am used to answering and talking in detail. I really need to work on this issue.

Also, as I am the oldest student in the class, so I got the chance to know and listen to the concerns/questions of students who were much younger than me and it was a good experience in that sense as well where I had the chance to listen to them.

Furthermore, I would like to add that I am afraid of all animals and birds since my childhood so when one of my class fellow asked me to open my hand, I thought she will give me some chocolate or any other gift to welcome me as I joined them as a new student.

To my surprise, she handed me over a dead bee and I threw it on the floor with fear as I was not expecting that kind of gift. But the teacher asked me to pick that up with bare hands without the help of tissue paper which was a new experience for me. But, as he insisted so finally I gathered the courage to pick the bug with my hands and pass it over to my other class fellow.

Last but not the least, I enjoyed the free pizza and cake. I look forward to attending more classes which will help me understand the concepts about Islam, help me gain my confidence and self-esteem and facilitate me in becoming a better speaker.

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