2020 October 18 – HW – female age 12 – Class Notes

One thing I learned from one of today’s movies is the fact that I should thank God for what I have, and what I DON’T have. Why thank him for what I don’t have? Because, what you don’t have could harm you, in one or more of MANY ways. Or, what you DON’T have, could be a sickness, that you get right after you’re born. Something like what the girl had(I forgot the name of it :P)! Or something could be wrong with your leg, that makes you not be able to walk, or even MOVE! Some people are born with DANGEROUS problems. Those problems could be deadly, or not deadly. The deadly ones, well, are the ones that end you up dead early on. Of course, unless you get treated in time. Some other problems could be not deadly. That one is pretty self-explanatory. But in case you don’t understand it, well, it means you don’t die from it. Could just make you unable to walk, run, sprint, jump, hop, or skip. Or unable to move on your own completely! You might have some other problems that I didn’t mention here, but that’s not the point! The point is, you have to be thankful to God for what you have/not have.

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