2021 October 24 – AH – age 10 – Class Notes

In today’s course, we only discussed a quite small variety of concepts because we spent most of our period revising reading, and reciting the Quran. But let’s not get into this now today we practiced our daily routine by meditating then interrupted at the midst of the session which with having it happen reluctantly is morphing into a routine.

We left for the classroom nine minutes early at 9:51. I remember mentioning that I was ready to test out I was told to be patient so my thoughts we all directed to the fact that we were going to be dealing with a two-hour lecture. But to my surprise.

chapter 2


We were testing as LG’s last words scurried out of his mouth the room fell into a tangled crowd stuck in a dungeon. As everyone settled down.

The silence crept in for a half-second. Then the noise rose back in but I could only detect a few voices it was pretty silent if you’re comparing it to my cafeteria it’s not even a quarter of it. I was sent to test out with a teacher I remember doing pretty well so LG told me I could test out on him as I stood there I felt a few shivers the fear was kicking in as the words mumbled out my tone suddenly rose until LG stopped me and informed me I had made a picky mistake I had cracked under pressure which is something I need work on due to the career I wanted to depart in.

Moments after that I was sent to test out with someone else after a soul-crushing recitation well not soul-crushing but I had gotten a little blurry on the main topic of my prayer practice paper so I might have missed a few which the second one with my own calculations an eighty-eight percent I notice that the guy that had tested me out was exiting the room.

So I sat there waiting for something to do if I hadn’t asked I think I might have gotten comfortable. I was assigned ayat kursi which I am still progressing on first of all because I was given it at ten something and class ends at one as I’m saying it I’m realizing that’s no reason to be excuse especially for the fact that we didn’t do a lecture at all.

But second, I had to assess a recruit. After that, I was able to cut in some time to go over it again before that I remember getting a free test I had progress this time I failed before finishing a sentence if I hadn’t mentioned Lg is a slight maybe a quarter or more of schadenfreude and the same thoughts had come to me that the program was only six weeks and I was attending my fourth one. Man can I really make the cut for my future career.

when I was doing my ayat kursi it was sambusa time which was accompanied by pizza and then next wasn’t expected and came almost an hour later rice with salad meat and carrots.

chapter 3
concepts and presentations
the first concept we discussed wa the mastery concept first of all we focused on this point by reading a Washington post highlight about this it was a paragraph telling about someone or I think a university that said they weren’t gonna focus on sats and GPAS but instead they were going to have you write essays record/create videos and see if you’re in if you have mastery and LG said that referring to leadership academy that he wanted us to all reach that mastery level because we’re all good at something so why don’t you take that gift/skill

and adjust it improve it and if you’re a working person and reflecting on this is that skill the one that got you where you are now wherever you are because it’s not always about how smart or clever you are what skill do you have and how good are you at it.

After all, you can’t tell me you’re smart and clever but you have no mastered skill then you know nothing you are then typically useless. Another thing is selective bad deeds I might not master explaining this to you cause I didn’t get it my self but il give it a shot lets just say I wrote something merely funny about someone and they find it offensive is that really a bad ist like me going around being a serial killer wich when I’m choosing to do this and perform the slightest discrimination I chose to do that I didn’t my anger or something that someone did to me take over which I’m assuming from what I picked is the difference between a bad deed and a selective bad deed.

we discussed requirements for the program which are that you must have a 3.6 GPA and some others LG also told that we shouldn’t do too much detail but not to remove it at all which I am demonstrating the opposite of.

Next, we have presentations first we had someone that shared about origami and something about space I will be skipping that I apologize if you’re reading this but I had no idea what you were saying. someone also informed and educated us about cameras witch I think was pretty interesting he explained shutter stock shots which is something about how quickly the camera snaps he also explained about ios which there he lost me but he bought back my attention when he talked about his camera what model it is he also explained why and how people use go pros showed some camera lenses one was 73 something and one more thing that I liked about his tutorial was that he passed out the objects and allowed people to observe on there own.

Someone also explained about having their clothing brand and I would say they came along pretty clearly and used examples real-life stories writing and objects to explain someone also shared about taking engineering as an elective about something they are doing this year and many other things and I found that person the one that came along the clearest and I understood the most from. we also had many pleasant amusing presentations it was one of twelve and it was time to go I tried to stick around for some questions but I had to go and LG was talking to someone else.

My homework for this week is to finish ayat kursi in English and Arabic my prayer practice sheet in English and Arabic and write a paragraph about Isra and Miraj

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