2022 October 9 – MK Female 14

Today’s class was a chill out day. I arrived to class a bit late and instantly got started with the class. We started class with talking to a man named M. He wanted to open a SAT preparation program in the masjid. We had to talk to this man and keep our conversation with him going. This related to the job interview and elevator story we had learned a while back. If two people were in an elevator, they would have a limited amount of time to talk. In this case, let’s say that one of the people in the elevator is a ceo of a company and the other person is interested in the company and wants to get hired. Now the person interested, they would want to start a conversation with the ceo and try to make the ceo see potential in the other person. We needed to apply the same concept to talking with this man and keep the conversation 50/50. 

M explained to us the importance of his program and that his program is a replication of his friends program in Orlando. He told us that the program had helped many kids in Orlando and he hopes to do the same here. Now he told us that when he opens the program, he will have divided students into two groups, one is highly advanced in both english and math, while the others need help with english and math. He explained to us that it’s important to separate them because if a student has a higher understanding of a topic, then the student would feel bored after a while and would do nothing in the class. M gave us an example with his son. When his son was in second grade, he would always read a book during class and wouldn’t listen to what his teacher was teaching. 

After a while, M got an email from his teacher, explaining that his son needs to pay attention in class. M went to his son and asked why he never paid attention and his son says that he already understands it all. Then M went to see his son’s teacher and told the teacher that he already understands it and wants the teacher to give him something challenging. Unfortunately, the teacher said that they had to focus on students that don’t understand the topic. That is when the teacher suggested the idea of putting his son in AAP, which is Advance Academic Program. 

After M explained his whole program and everything, we talked about a topic named legacy. This topic about legacy is about how a person leaves his/her mark on this earth. There was a story of a man that saw the newspaper one day and saw that it said that he was dead. The man was confused and thought it was a typo, then he saw that the newspaper was talking about him and saw the many bad things they said about him. The man goes to the news company and tells them that he didn’t die. After that incident, he realized that he hadn’t left an important mark in this world. He realized that he wasn’t recognised as how he wanted. So the importance of legacy is to leave a mark in this world while a person has time. 

Then we talked about a topic called ecosystem. The topic about ecosystem related to jobs. LG told us that everyone has a choice to be what they want to be. In an ecosystem, there is a lowest point and a highest point. For this example we will say that the lowest job is a ups man and the highest is the ceo of a powerful company. Now even for a ups man there is a whole another ecosystem for it, like they start working as a ups driver and then delivery, later ups box packaging, and more later the ceo of ups. In this topic, the main point is that we get to choose what we want to be, we can aim for the higher or lower, but no matter what we can get what we want to achieve. After a while, we were deciding to watch a movie or to do a lesson. Unfortunately, we had to do some more lessons. I could not stay longer to hear the new lessons and that was the end of my class. 

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