2012 Dear teacher feedback at age 15

Dear Teacher,
They say a teacher gets the most reward in paradise. I came into the class wanting to somewhat expand my knowledge and you exceeded any expectations.

You struggle very hard on your own time to help us understand our religion. Not only are you graduating us but leaving us as devout Momin Muslims to go an educate the rest of the world. You know how to appeal to everyone which is what I appreciate about you. You understand that children get bored easily, so you amend your teachings and add humor making it easy for us to grasp and love our religion.

Honestly, due to your teachings, I read Quran and pray not because I have to or am forced to, but because your words, lectures, teaching, and humor helped open my heart and change my personality. Besides our education on Islam, you have organized field trips for to converse with Christians and Jews, trying to get us to respect all people no matter our differences. I feel like you see past people’s faiths and respect or everyone but rather you love everyone depending on their purities.

You understand us as a teacher, but I think of you as another parent. You are trying to make us better people to change the world at this corrupt time. You believe in us repeatedly and see the good in all of us no matter background. You taught us to be modest and I can see you have changed us and made our personalities better.

Thank you. Although we annoy you sometimes, you always give us chances because we are all pure and on our path to become better Muslims thanks to you.
Sincerely, AH 2012

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