2020 Feb Class notes for 2/9/2020 by D.H. Female 13-year-old

2020 Class notes for 2/9/2020 by D.H. Female 13-year-old

            My sister and I stopped to get cookies for the whole class and thought that we would be late, but there was only one other person. While waiting for the others, we were instructed to pray 2 Rakat Nafil and to meditate after. Once others started to come, we moved back to the classroom where there were some new parents sitting in the back. 

The first things we talked about were legacies and pioneers. We talked about how Obama was a pioneer because he was the first black president. Our teacher told us that Obama’s legacy was that he established Obama Care. We also learned that the first man that was killed after 9/11 was a Sikh and was mistakenly killed. 

There were 25,000 prophets in Islam but there are only 85 stories in the Quran. The teacher gave us some examples of the stories. The first one being the story of Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him). The second story was the story of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) told his father. Who made idols that there was only one god and that was Allah (SWT). His father got mad and burned him. Allah (SWT) kept him from burning.

            There were 4 divine books: the Quran, the Bible, the Torah, and the Psalms of David. February is black history month and the first slaves that came to America were Muslims. The first white people to ever come to America were Albanians. If you say Surat-ul-Fatihah and Surah-al-Iklas 3 times, it will give you the benefit of reading the whole Quran. 

It is known that the Quran has 6236 verses in it. The word “God”’s spelling is “Good” because everything related to God is good. We learned that ATD means attention to detail. We didn’t watch Mooz-lum in class because there wasn’t enough time and there were a lot of people who needed to test out. Everyone was assigned to a parent and began to study. 

I learned so much today in class, one being the stories about the prophets. We also learned about legacies and pioneers, and the four divine books. I know that I will remember what I learned and use it in the future. It was very fun as well. My homework for the next class is to study surah-al-Fatihah and Attahiyat.

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