2021 October 4 — BA — male age 16 — Week 4

I arrived at class at 9:50 which was an improvement from the previous week in which I had arrived at 10:02. Before the class started I had time to practice my homework. They had some sort of meeting for the new students. A student came in and slammed me some students started to show up then. We then started class with the usual pledges the students had a struggle in so studentH helped to guide us. There stands who didn’t pay attention come front and the students who he trusts in the back. I was sort of in the middle of the class with arranging some seats to make assigned seats.TeacherJI said he wanted the mei n the middle between them. After we started with student presentations which were basically Teacherji calling up students to talk come and in front of the whole class. I was called up and talked about my social life and school life. He told me to do it again because of my posture and my moving around much. Some other students went up also some went up once or others many times (including me).TeacherJi then explained how we were going to use these presentation techniques in our lives with jobs, schools, communication with other humans will help come in the long run. Then we started talking about bullseye which was basically a concept of a don’t try to always hit the bullseye sometimes settle for just hitting around it.TeacherJi asked all the students if everyone wanting to hit the bullseye and everyone said yes. But techerJi said he would hit around it so he can always get some sort of points instead may be missing the bullseye We then talked about how the hiring process for work for the organization named 3M where they would hire employers that are smarter than themselves which was very effective. They also use millions of dollars to screw around which was how sticky notes were made. Then we talked about KOTA which was a very educated university in India that was meant for the top of the top. Many high leaders and entrepreneurs went to this university which helped them learn hard work to set them where they’re at now. We then discussed with my teachers that I normally read my homework too. He told me and one of my students to come to represent how to pray in the Arabic version. Students went up first and he did really well and didn’t have any mistakes I went up after but with 1 mistake which was a line that I skipped. He then told the whole class how he was very proud of us learning the salat correctly and told the class our Homework was to find prophet Mahommed PBUH children and what were their names. We then started to eat pizza. After we had to write down our homework inside a notebook which was passed around by every student in the class. I wrote the Prayer translation and Prophet Muhammed PBUH children’s names.

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