2018 notes by R on Quran 15 years – (actual note(s) from student(s))

(actual note(s) from student(s))

Last class we began our discussion about the Quran. The Quran has 2 phases, elementary and college. The elementary parts in the Quran explain the basics of monotheism and god’s existence. Some examples of elementary explanations are Sarah kafiroon, Surah Ikhlas, surah Qaria. These Surahs tell us basic things like the existence of god in Surah ikhlas, “god is one. God is eternal and absolute, god does not have any children nor is he anyone’s child, and nobody is like god”. These verses just give us a very elementary viewpoint of god and about him.

Meanwhile surahs like Yaseen can be very complex and it takes a lot of studying and background knowledge to understand them “Already the word has come into effect upon most of them, so they do not believe.” This verse explains that even Muhammad (PBUH) cannot judge anyone or force them to believe his job is only to inform and whether they believe or not is their job. Leave the rest to God for he knows what their path is, this verse is very complex therefore it is under a college student level.

The problem with many Muslims today is that they try to jump to college level and follow that way without learning the basics and background knowledge. People try to learn the Quran exactly like the prophet but he was beyond any Muslim is how to understand the Quran the man was at a PHD level in Harvard and we need to start first at elementary basics.

Another thing is that before the Quran was revealed in the holy cave. Mecca and madina were living in a tribal society but the tribes would betray each other for their own greed. The Quran was preached for this reason in Mecca and madina so that people would start balancing their parties, we see this today and in the past. Julius Caesar saw this is Ancient Rome’s nation where the people would betray each other in the same tribe. Today we see this is our own politics in America.

Basically modern people that want to understand Islam should take the religion step by step, in order and shouldn’t jump ahead simply because they think they can figure it out. Otherwise they will misunderstand and that is what leads to crises like Isis and the extremism.

Last week we also learned about how God comes into our daily life. Sometimes we wonder why are the bad people very successful and the people with great character suffering (ex: Zionists to poor Palestinians). There is no real answer but we do know, muslim or non Muslim good person or bad person that if anyone puts there mind to a goal and determination they will succeed no matter what.

I really want to be an professional basketball player, if I sit on the couch and eat chips all day without getting in shape I will probably get cut and never make it anywhere near the NBA. But if I workout 6 hours a day, eat healthy and get good grades for a nice college scholarship there is a great chance I can do it.

Nobody should blame god for their struggles.

What I am about to Say was not taught last week but I have a story that relates to this particular subject. There was a construction worker that when his lunchtime break was on he would eat with his coworkers and everyday he would complain saying “god damn it! I hate PB&J”. The workers were so annoyed by this every day so one of his coworkers asked him “if you hate eating PB&J so much why don’t you ask your lady to stop making it for you?”

The man replied saying “my old lady? She doesn’t make my lunch! I do!”.

The point of this story is that if anyone is desperate for a change they shouldn’t wait for things to fix itself or pray to god for him to fix your problems. All the problems in our life we have the power to fix.

So here’s the question, why do we pray before an upcoming event or even pray at all asking for something. The answer is there are many things in life that are beyond our control, only god can control those actions in life. Example: you have an upcoming test that you have studied for two whole months. The next day is the test day, why would you pray at all? Let’s say the next morning on your way to your  college finals the bus breaks down and Uber’s take a long time.

Your in a rush so you quickly rent a car and then the traffic builds up and so you start speeding and then, BOOM! A truck hits you and then you think I need to get to my class! So you finally show up 30 minutes late covered in blood and bruises. Your professor doesn’t give in on your excuse and tells you that it’s not acceptable and you have gotten a zero on your exam for not showing up responsible or prepared. All that studying for nothing, this is something that is beyond our control like traffic or an accident or the bus breaking down. Nobody except god can control that.

When you die, only god may judge you. if you believe in a superior being you enter the stadium basically a chance for you to enter heaven. If you do not believe in any god of some source you do not have any chance to heaven by what we know. Nobody knows what seats you will get, that only god’s choice. What we do know is that character in the stadium makes a big role for itself.

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