2020 Feb Class notes for 02/02/2020 by HL 14 yr old boy

02/02/2020 by 14 yrl old boy This week, I came to class prepared with my essay done. However, I didn’t go over the Surah’s I’ve learned for the test. When I arrived at the mosque, I immediately prayed Fajr and Medicated as usual. I noticed an enormous improvement in my relaxation skills, I was able to calm my mind and attempt to connect with god much faster and more efficiently. I also noticed how my connection with god got stronger and stronger the more I practiced. This taught me the value of practice. No matter what I did, I would do better with practice.

We started off class with testing also as usual. All students were assigned a parent to be their teacher to get everyone involved while educating the parents at the same time. As the parent tested me, I realized I started to forget some of the things I was taught. Also, I couldn’t translate the Surah’s as fast as I could before. This also opened my eyes on the value of practice. It proved how less practice also meant a decrease in your ability to do something.

During testing, we also discussed some of the recent news as usual. The first topic we discussed was how people doing some of the worst and easiest jobs get paid well. These jobs consisted of checking the flush rate of a toilet, checking the amount of water used per shower head, and the efficiency of certain dishwashers. The teacher then explained how you should work smarter and not do unnecessary things to make the job harder.

Then, we moved on to the topic of Corona. A virus that originated in Wuhan, China and spreading quickly. The teacher explained how the official reasoning for this was the Chinese government trying to create a bio weapon for their military resulted in the virus escaping, and the suspected reasoning being the consumption of bats in China. The whole class was then asked to provide another possible reasoning for the virus, and someone brought up how the muslims in china were being put in concentration camps and being brainwashed to become bhudihist. The teacher expanded on this point and explained how it was a possible reasoning, because God could be sending a message to China on why they shouldn’t mess with mankind. This taught me an important lesson, it demonstrated how doing good resulted in good happening to you while doing bad results in bad happening to you.

Finally, we discussed the topic of gambling since the Superbowl was happening on that day (02/02/2020). He explained how gambling was addictive and the ways people get tricked into wasting more and more money. For example, someone may keep betting money because they are confident that they will win the next round. However, when they lose, they keep betting because they now think that they will win for sure. This illustrated how addicting gambling was, and reinforced my choice of not gamblling. We then ended class after going over the homework requirements.


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