2023 Nov – Invitation to join Program

Week 4 11/13/23 TB 15 F

Hey Fatima,

You were wondering about where I was going on Sunday, and I told you about the green stairs program. You wanted a more in depth description as you were interested in the program, so here I am writing to you about what the greenstair program is about. The green stairs is like a leadership program and also our path to becoming khalifas. Joining a leadership class is a great experience that offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth. It provides a base to develop essential skills, self-confidence, and make a positive impact in our aspects of life. In this essay, I will talk about my own journey of joining this particular class and how it has shaped me into a more effective person.

Even though I recently joined the program. When I made the decision to join this program, I was a bit hesitant. I thought this class would teach me stuff I already knew. But the path of personal development is to keep learning. The class provided an environment that encouraged self-reflection and through various activities and discussions, I gained a deeper understanding of my own strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyle. This self-awareness became important for my growth as a leader.

The greenstair program also provides various skills on how to be a better person in our community and to be able to make an impact in this world. Khalifa, this word has been used in this program to show what a person like you and I could be. I used to think that because I’m young there’s no way I could make a difference but my overall perspective has changed hearing out multiple talks in this program. This class also brings islam into our daily life and how to use it. The main goal is to make it an impact in this world and leave a legacy for good.

One thing that has stood out to me mostly is the translations of the prayers. Like you and I it’s mostly a routine to pray our 5 prayers but do we know what we’re saying and what we’re reciting? The answer might be no, It’s not something that isn’t common, and that’s why our connection to god doesn’t click. The academy has this impressive topic where they focus on grasping the meaning and importance of each surah we recite during prayers. I knew most in farsi, but I later on realized the importance of learning it in English. Knowing the translation can give you a mere understanding of what you’re saying which makes your connection with God much deeper and stronger. It’s common sense to talk to someone, especially God and know what you’re saying.

As someone who struggles in learning, when this opportunity was handed to me I thought it was a waste of time, especially when I heard about the essays every week, at that time I never expected it to help me so much in how I think and see things. My mind has opened a bit, I wanna become a leader, I wanna become a person who can learn and teach what I learn to others and this is why I wanna welcome you to join us in this program. I hope you have a clear understanding of the program and feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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