2023 Nov Invitation to join program by 12th Grader

Dear s,

I am writing to share about a life-changing opportunity that has had a profound impact on me. I recommend considering joining the Greenstairs Leadership Academy. This unique program goes beyond just academics. It focuses on personal growth through self-discovery, literature, and practical wisdom. It aims to develop one’s Muslim identity while instilling the values of leadership, critical thinking, common sense, and positive change in the world.
One of the academy’s distinctive features is its emphasis on understanding the translation and significance of every surah recited during prayers. I learned most of it in Farsi from a young age, but I never knew how important it was to understand it in English, especially living in an English-speaking country. Knowing the translation not only deepens your connection with Allah but also provides a profound sense of purpose and understanding. I have yet to memorize most of them. Metaphors play a pivotal role in this program. The saying, “Don’t be a sheep, be a goat,” encapsulates the nature of leadership and independent thinking. This academy empowers individuals to become leaders who can positively influence those around them, which is crucial in a world filled with followers. The goal of this academy is to leave a positive impact on the world. Every night before we sleep, we should reflect on what we did to achieve this goal.
I have personally experienced the welcoming and supportive community within the Greenstairs Leadership Academy. It’s a place where you can freely express your thoughts and beliefs and be surrounded by like-minded individuals who genuinely care about your growth and success.
As someone who has moved several times and grown up in primarily white communities, I know how rare it is to find a community that aligns with one’s beliefs. The academy has become my second family, providing not only academic motivation but also a sense of belonging that I cherish deeply. Although the challenges, such as memorization, passing the final exam with 100%, and weekly essays, may seem daunting, they are essential for the holistic growth the academy offers. Writing the 1000+ word essays was once overwhelming, but it has become more manageable, and I have already seen improvement in the amount of time I take on my essays. The rewards outweigh the challenges as you emerge not only academically proficient but also as a confident, empowered individual ready to make a positive impact on the world.
The Greenstairs Leadership Academy can be a transformative and enriching experience for you. As someone who is still on this journey myself and constantly learning along the way, I can attest to its growth and benefits. It is shaping my perspective, teaching me leadership skills, and giving me a community that feels like home. I encourage you to explore this opportunity and embark on a journey of self-discovery and positive change.

Warm regards,


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