2021 October 17 — AN — female age 13 — Week 6

At the academy, every day begins with a meditation session. Within 30 minutes of meditating, we walked into the classroom where LG instructed some of us to give directions to someone who was new to the school. It took between 15 and 30 minutes for the lecture to begin.

Following are some of the things we learned last class:

Despite the fact that prophet salman burned the Quran, he had a good reason for doing so.
The four main imams were:
Imam Hanafi
Imam Shafi
Imam Maaliqi
Imam Hambali
The birthday of prophet Muhammad is celebrated by nearly everyone in Egypt.
You must show sensitivity to others’ opinions and point of views.
According to Islam, one’s life consists of worshipping God and being the best person one can be, as well as following the 6 beliefs of a muslim.
Put your best foot forward in whatever you choose to do.
Having the ability to do something does not mean that you should do it.
In association with the word God, everything is good
LGA: Love God Always, BS: Belief and Sincerity

Also, in the midst of all this we had biryani (one of my favorite foods).

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