2020 Jan – Ongoing class notes by 12 yr old F – Dec 19 to Mar 20

F.H, 12 years old 12/8/2019 This Sunday I bought sourate Al-asr, and sourate Al-kawthar for homework. this week the teacher’s overall idea was about being a slacker, peddler, and operator. He also mentioned the six beliefs of Iman (God, angels, books, prophets, day of judgement, and Allah’s laws).

One of the things that I thought was interesting is finding the right friend because if you are surrounded by a bad friend then you would act the same way. Another reason why I think that is important is because you need to find a friend who is smarter than you so that you can have someone to challenge and then you will get better.

We also learned that we need to chase A’s in order to be operators which means to master something. Scene it is important the teacher in every class explains or talks about realizing, invoking, and banking. We learned that we need to realize god in order to invoke him and start banking and the purpose of this class is to realize God.

Invoking him is the next step that will not be hard if we learned how to realize God and start banking.

Next Class I will try my very best to bring in Sourate Al-Ikhlass and Sourate Al-Naas.

F.H, 12years old     11/25/2019 On Sunday I bought sourate Al-Fatihah to class because I knew very well.

On Sunday the teacher talked about invoking, realizing and baking.

He also talked about Allah and that we need to have a phone in order to call we also need to know his phone number. Another we talked about was that people have different opinions so if you think that rock music is the best other people might have different opinions about that.

For next class I will try to memorize sourate Al-Asr.

 F.H 12 years old 1/20/2020 This Sunday I bought the whole thing, but I did not Test out.

The teacher this Sunday talked about how to keep the line open to talk to God. So, science last week we made prayer for Quirt and she did not have to take the surgery, today we had to thank God and ask him to still accept our prayers if it is appropriate and good for us.  Next Week I will hopefully get to do the practice Testing.

F.H 12 Years old 1/26/2020 This Sunday I did the practice Test. 

The teacher discussed the Tahiyat and the Daurih Ibrahim, the teacher discussed with us the importance of the Tahiyat because the prophet went to the 7 paradises and he was the only one who could do it so when he got there he was greeted and he did not take it for himself he said peace be on all of us who are God’s righteous servants.

For the Daurih Ibrahim the prophet was not selfish, and he did not expect to be the best guy, so he said Just as you blessed/exalted Ibrahim and his followers.  The teacher also talked about the meanings of the numbers 1 which stands for God because we have one God , 2 because of the first prayer in the day which is subh, 3 stands for the 4 prayer of the day marrib, 4 is for Asr Duhr and Richa , 5 stands for the 5 pillars and the 5 prayers of the day, lastly the 6 stands for the six believes of Islam.

Another thing the teacher mentioned was that we must realize that there is One God, learn how to invoke God, then start banking.

We also learned that in order to ask God for something we must have clean hands meaning if you something mean to somebody you must ask for forgiveness before asking God for something you want because it is less likely to get expected from you.

Another thing we Muslims need to know is that Devil is always trying to get us to do something that we are not supposed to do.  Lastly, you always must keep your green card with you which is God consciousness.

F.H 12 Years old  2/2/2020 This week I did my very best in Class I also Did a practice and Feel like I am ready to do the actual test Next Week.

In this week’s class the teacher talked about so many things, the first thing is that we need to get straight A’s because when you want to get to a good college, they will judge you based on one letter which is your grade and you will only be accepted for that college if you have straight A’s , which is fair because you should have known that before even applying for the college.

Another funny thing that happened today during class and that the teacher explained was that one of our classmates instead of writing the word prophet she wrote “phophet”, The teacher also explained that if you a small little typo in your resume and applied to a job you might not get accepted for that job, on the other hand if somebody came reviewed their resume and went over so many times might get accepted for the job.

Today we also discussed the corona virus and made some guesses why that is happening to the Chinese people there and we all agreed that maybe it is a revenge from God.

            We also learned something Today that I thought was a little bit interesting, there is these 2 people that study about poop and get paid from the government the crazy thing is that they do that for a living.

            The other thing that we all did not get is that America is Islamic I know that sounds crazy but if you think about it its not because they do things that we as Muslims in our countries they don’t do, an example could be counting bullets so police have to right a report about every single bullet they use, which a lot of countries don’t care about.

            Finally the teacher talked about Halal and not halal and we cannot count how many things we are eating or drinking are not Halal let’s take a veggie Pizza as an example they cut it with the same cutter they cut the Peperoni Pizza with but that does not mean we cannot do anything about we could ask to do separate cutters I know that maybe they won’t listen to you but at least try to do so.             Next, week I will I think that I will test out.

F.H 12 Years old F 2/2/2020 This week I learned so many new, important things, I also feel ready to take to test when I get a chance to do so.

This Sunday the teacher talked about how we all need to become pioneers because we can, and we can do so. Legacy which means something that will make you famous even if you die. As we know prophet Mohammad has the best legacy because he was the only prophet out of 25 thousand who was greeted.

Another Topic we covered in class was the prophet Adam was the first prophet and his story was that when he was in heaven Allah told him not to touch a certain tree but because of devil who whispered into his heart (Sourate Al-Naas) he and his wife went down to earth. Another prophet we talked about was prophet Ibrahim because his dad was not a Muslim and his job was to make statues, so when his son followed Islam as a religion, he told his people to burn him, but he did not burn and that was a clue saying that God exists and to prove that prophet Ibrahim is right. One thing that I thought was very interesting and important was that if you have special skills use them before you lose them.

The teacher also told as how our dreams should be big, because that is one thing that helps us have a legacy. The other thing that I did not fully get is Female Gentle mutilation and I wish that I get a full explanation of. Another thing is that back then the thing that most non-Muslims did not get was that just because your family is doing something, and you know it is wrong, but you still do it even though you know that it is wrong.

One thing that caught my mind was the fact saying judge the facts not the people because if you judge the people you will probably end up doing something wrong. Lastly is how you spell “God” is spelled Good instead because everything associated to God is Good. Next Week I will, I think take the test, chasing the trophy.

F.H 12 Years old F 2/2/2020 In this week’s class we covered a couple Topics. One was that Valentine’s Day was meant to be for grownups, but the marketing thought that if it was for all the people you care about, they were going to earn more money. We also did a letter activity where the teacher gave us Letters A-Z and we had to come up with an Islamic thing about it.

One funny that happened during that game was that people including myself were just shouting out answers that were wrong, but it was because all we wanted to do is finish the movie Mooz-Lum.

Next class I will test out, first thing after meditation, and a little bit of AYAT-ALKURSSI.

F.H 12 Years old F 2/23/2020 Today I came prepared to class and was shocked when the teacher was not there.

This week I Tested out, but I still need to do it next week.  I guess that this week we really had a break time, because we did almost fun things.

We did 4 to 5 minutes of talking about any Topic you wanted to talk about, I talked about how when I came to America I thought I was never going to have friends , and that I will not be successful in the U.S , and how I wanted to go back to My home country, but then after my first day of school I realized that it is so much better than I thought and I made some friends, YET I do not think that I have as much friends as I had in Morocco, but I still have GOOD friends.

The other thing we did this week in class was the Testing out, a lot of people Tested out this week and I was one of them, the teacher said that I did really good, but I just have to do it the same in front of The teacher next week.

The Last thing we did before the end of class was Q and A, which basically was question and answer. The questions were related to what we usually talk about in class, some of the questions were easy and some were hard.

Next week I will try my very best to get the English and Arabic of Ayat -Alkursi done.

F.H 12 Years old F 3/1/2020 This week I came prepared to class, then as soon as we were done meditation, we were ready to start class, so we started testing out what we have done as homework.

After that I was asked to read AYAT-ALKURSI slowly in Arabic because it goes straight into you heart and you think nothing else but that on the other hand if you read it really fast then you would not be able to focus and you would be thinking about something totally different.

We also had guests come in and read Sourate Al-Naas for us in a really beautiful way.

Then we talked about how prophet ISSA could alive deaths, and how prophet SULAIMAN could speak any language. The teacher also mentioned how we should not associate anything with GOOD/GOD.

Another thing we talked about today was CCA which stands for Common sense, contest, and accountability. The teacher also explained to us how a Muslim’s mentality should be when you get fired, you should think maybe YOU did something wrong, or that GOD/GOOD wanted to test you.

Another thing we talked about this week was that Islam rules start applying to you at starting for the age 12, we also learned that we should be humble.

Another thing that was mentioned this week was about soap concept, which basically means that we should be clean whenever we pray.

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