2019 Sep Why have I not accepted Islam? Why I have’nt converted? Sep 2019

Sep 2019 by working professional lady her 30’s who is our Gisla program

START Why haven’t I converted ?  Let me begin with why.  Islam was something I never understood until I met the man I want to be with. 

I had not realized how much Islam had in common with Christianity.  There is no doubt about the logic of Islam, it is practical, consistent and rather straightforward. 

Neither having been devout or apathetic in my religious practice, I still found it difficult to overcome the sentimental attachments to Jesus as taught in the Christian faith. 

The doctrines and practices of Islam are not unfamiliar to me. 

In class you asked, what makes this a niche class? As concluded, it is because you teach “the why”.   I am not looking to be taught the fundamentals of Islam, I am searching for why. 

Interestingly enough I am currently reading a book called, “Start With Why,” which examines the importance of beginning each endeavor with the question, why?  It demonstrates how not knowing why you’re in business or why you do what you do vastly reduces your chances of being successful.  

Converting without knowing, or equally, not believing in the why, would be in vain.

I know I can successfully memorize the Arabic verses and pray but would it matter to say it and do it without truly knowing why?  You only truly feel something in prayer several times in a lifetime, you mentioned in class.  Of course I do need to practice the Salat and learn the surahs properly.  However, to do so without understanding would not give reason to my “why”. 

My “why”, is a feeling.  I am seeking a feeling. 

Perhaps I felt something previously but remain unchanged because of my ignorance of the practice and the many secondary “whys” still unanswered.  As you said, in adulthood and having come from another religion, my path and acceptance of Islam is much different than a child exclusively learning it early on.  I imagine I have many more questions and comparisons to rationalize.  Not to say children can’t do this as well because I distinctly remember doing just that as a child myself. 

I recall being in church one Sunday when I was about 8 years old and asking my mother very confused, “ who am I supposed to pray to, God or Jesus? Or both?”  The concept of the trinity is complicated and controversial even for adults so it follows that it is almost incomprehensible for a child.  I don’t remember her answer and maybe she didn’t answer and I never forgot that because to this day i still feel like I don’t fully understand. 

Islam on the other hand is very clear and having read the old testament, it is very clear about only praying to one God and none other. 

Through school and movies I have learned  religious history and how power, passion and poverty (the 3 “P”s) affected the alterations of the gospels, wars and so much more.   

My exposure to Islam is inspired through passion per se.  Human nature is undoubtedly highly influenced by these factors but what course of action we take and our “BS” is most important for this is how we will be judged. 

It’s time to eat this grass, it’s been too long…. END (to be continued)

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