2012 Dear Anisa -at age 15

Dear Anisa, ASA.
You may have gone to a dozen Sunday schools already, but I can guarantee you this class is unlike all the others. It’s not for everyone, but if you think you are up for the challenge, we welcome you.

This class is not going to attempt to teach you everything about Islam, but it will, if done right, give you a strong foundation in Islam. You will hopefully grow an interest in Islam, so that you will take initiative and learn for yourself.

Still, no one will guarantee success in this class except for you. In order to gain the full benefit from this class, you should give your full effort. This class is a forum for you to be able to express yourself, your concerns, and find answers or at least get a little closer to your answers for your questions. You will gain a new fresh perspective on Islamic and non-Islamic issues, and you will learn how to distinguish yourself as a goat from the flock of sheep.

Hope to see you soon inshallah! TA

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