2020 Mar – Class notes by 12 Yr old F QH for 3/1/20

2/3/2020 Q.H 11-year-old (3/1/2020)

Last to last class the homework I got assigned was an essay about what we did in class, which you are currently reading, and I also had to practice Namaz in Arabic and English, except for Subhaana humma wa bihamdika. I didn’t go to class the last week.

During class, we talked about many things. Most of our class time, we all studied and worked very hard.

We did not watch the movie, mooz-lum. Soon before our pizza arrived, three men came into the room. Our teacher asked him to recite surah Fatiha and another surah. He also asked another one of the three men to recite other surahs.

He did not ask the last man to recite any surah because my teacher was going to burst out crying. He was shedding some tears while the other men were reciting surahs.

He told us that if you listen to this while you feel you are under Allah’s presence it will hit you right in the heart. It was elegant. It was strong. It was beautiful.

He told us this is why so many people convert and become Muslims or a better Muslim, it goes to there hearts. 

We talked about what a Muslims #1 responsibility is, which is making the world a better place.  If you don’t or don’t even attempt, you will pay on the day of judgment.

We also need to pray with concentration, because if we won’t then there is no point and it won’t count.

I learned about the price of killing someone. They will automatically go to heaven. The person who killed them will automatically go to hell. Let’s pretend person a killed person b. Person a will go to heaven and b will go to hell because they stole person a’s chance to be judged by what their decisions were in their lifetime.

We must accept Islam from our own brains. We must also learn from our mistakes. It is our duty to teach our kids about Islam. We must look presentable, we should not walk around as if we own the world. 

Another thing we talked about is religion. Hinduism has many gods. Judaism has many rules.  Some wrong things Christianity believes is that there is no day of judgment. They also associate someone with god. Chinese people believe that there is a lot of value in a donkey’s skin.

Something new I learned was that children under the age of 12 automatically go to heaven if they die. After they turned 12, all the rules of Islam apply to you. (Common sense).

We talked about how Prophet Musa was able to make a stick turn into a snake. Prophet Isa could make people come back from being dead. Prophet Ibrahim escaped a fire. Prophet Suliman could talk to animals. Prophet Yousuf was the most handsome. Prophet Younus read a surah. All Prophets had power except Prophet Muhammad.  

If a bird pooped on your head, and you just wiped it with a napkin, you are not clean yet. All those germs and that nasty smell will still be there because you didn’t properly clean the area where the bird pooped.

In Stanford, VA, a little boy shot his younger sister and mother. When his dad came home from work, the young boy shot his father too. His father didn’t die so he called the police. The boy was later found. I don’t know why the boy did that

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