2018 Dec – Student questions that NEED Proper answers

Here are my answers from what we just discussed. Please feel free to add more information or expand on points that I may have missed.


  1. Why can men marry outside of the faith but women can’t?

This comes from the patriarchal way of society. Scripture is clear but it is not an order. It is a guide that helps you get to your destination, not BE the destination. If someone is not a Muslim, then you ask, “Do you reject that Mohammed is a Prophet, yes or no?” Most people will say yes. If they don’t reject Mohammed, then they are of the faith.


  1. Why can’t you pray while on your period?

Modern hygiene takes this away. Its not an issue anymore. This rule was intended for that time. The Quran talks about slaves but there is a common acceptance that slaves are wrong. The Quran talks about how one should treat his or her slave – with respect. Common sense says you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Think about the people that rode camels for months at a time. They couldn’t wash but they still prayed. The ritual has over taken society but that shouldn’t take away your ability to talk to God. If you are in a situation where you can’t wash, you shouldn’t let that stop you from praying.


  1. Why do you have to cover up to pray?

This is a traditional role across all religions. When you are in the presence of God, people believe that you should try and hide your beauty to try and be humble. Muslims have held onto this as modesty. You chose. It’s about your relationship with God. The point of faith is submitting to the will of God. He knows everything but it’s more about how you deal with your relationship. God is always in your presence but when you invoke him, you need to be in the best possible condition. When you seek out God, you should be dressed in a modest way out of a sign of respect. Modern, educated women who chose to wear the hijab do it to remind men to stop looking at them but to listen to them instead. By wearing the hijab, they have recognized that men often look before listening and by wearing the hijab, they are trying to remind other men that they should also be modest and not look with wanting eyes. Modern women want to be treated equal so they seek equality through wearing the hijab so men will listen with their ears instead of their eyes.



  1. Why do women have to pray in the back, usually covered up by a room divider? Why can’t they be separate from men, but in the front of the room? Why can’t men and women pray together?

Much of Islam has been distorted to go in line with patriarchal society norms. These are historical mistake that will take time to fix. Our societal views affect how we pray and how we interpret Islam. Your relationship with God should not be affected by distortions of religion.


Thank you!

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