2020 April Class Notes by F.H 12 Years old F 3/26/2020

F.H 12 Years old F 3/26/2020 This week’s class was pretty normal and this week I had to test out Sourate al-Fatiha backwards.

This week the teacher reexplained the concept of socks and what I understood was that wear socks when we need to or when we feel cold, so if you only wear certain socks and someone told you that you need to wear socks and said let’s go get Walmart socks and you go like no way I am wearing Walmart socks therefore you do not wear socks and your feet feel cold.

The other thing we did in class was that we watched the movie and then we planned that we will finish it next week.

For next week I will try to do Sourate Al-Inshirah in English and Arabic.

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