2020 October 18 – FH – female age 13 – Class Notes

          I was supposed to bring Quraysh and the english of Manzil page 8. I did do part of manzil page 8 but I didn’t quite memorize it that well but I still tried. 

This sunday was a pretty fun class because we didn’t really do any work or at least I didn’t test out. When I got in I meditated for about like 10 minutes then we got to meet the new people that joined the class. We did a little bit of standing on the chairs this week but luckily a lot of us got the right answer.  After that we were told that today we will be watching a movie. I was expecting one movie but really it wasn’t because the teacher was switching from a movie to another which honestly was not the best thing. 

The first movie was about a boy who is so unorganized he is not a good student he gets bad grades in all subjects he is always not paying attention to what the teacher is saying sometimes he even gets in fights, while his brother is the perfect child has a beautiful handwriting and is an A student, the teacher said that he was exactly the same thing and that the movie was litterry written about him well not meant to but he relates. The teacher stopped the movie when the father found out that his son wrote an absent note but using his brother’s handwriting because his is perfectly the worst I was really excited to see what was going to happen when the movie stopped. 

Then the teacher played another movie it wasn’t really movie it was a documentary about this girl named roona he head was so big and she had to have so many surgeries in order to live I have no idea if she made it out alive or not because we didn’t get to finish that either, her parents were so sad and you could tell that they are afraid about if there daughter is going to make or not. The teacher told us that we should thank god everyday because we are not roona and we are normal we 5 fingers and 5 toes because there is a lot of kids out there who have issues missing a leg, a hand, can’t hear, can’t see….ect 

Then we were expected to watch a very boring cartoony movie I was boarded out of my mind that I preferred to read a book rather than watch it and my parents made me watch that movie multiple times when I was a little girl like 7or 8 years old the movie was about the prophet peace be upon him  and how he escaped to madina. 

The teacher then asked a question how is each one of you guys special I was trying to ask myself and get an answer but When I thought about for a while I couldn’t really come up with anything that make me special, the teacher then said that each one of us is special because God created us and that we have to find out what makes us special and differs us from others. 

We also discussed being a sponge or a brick. A lot of us obviously said that they wanted to be sponges but the teacher said that being a sponge has some negativity, sponges absorb everything sometimes we don’t need to absorb everything sometimes we need to be bricks. 

   We had a birthday party celebrating a classmate’s 13th birthday. We ate the cake and drank the soda most of us left right after including myself but I think a lot of people stayed for a bit more. 

For next class I will have the surahs for level2 ready and I will not stand on the chair for long.

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