2020 Feb class notes for 2/10/2020 by Q.H 11-year-old female

2020 class notes for 2/10/2020 by Q.H 11-year-old female

       Last class the homework I got assigned was an essay about what we did in class, and you are currently reading my essay. I also have to practice Namaz in Arabic and English, except for Subhaanaka Allaahumma wa bihamdika.

During class, we did many things. Most of our class time, we all talked. We talked about many things, such as legacies, pioneers, and some examples of people. Prophet Muhammed, Lincoln, and Obama. We talked about how Islam started, which is started when Adam was born. After that, we talked about some stories of prophets, because there were 85 stories and we couldn’t have done all of them. I learned that there are 25,000 prophets.

We talked about Black history month, and how the first slaves were Muslim. God is spelled good because everything associated with god is good.  We learned about mutilation. We learned that after 9/11, a sikn was shot for wearing his religious hat. They thought he was Muslim. Usually, men are considered video gamers so video games are usually targeted towards them.

The rest of the class time, we studied with our assigned parent or tested out. We didn’t watch the mooz-lum. We had pizza, and today we also got donuts. I also brought cookies to class.

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