2023 Sep Week 3 M 16

September 3,2023 MD/Male/16years 3rd week

Today, was my 3rd week at Greenstaires Academy. like last week we arrived very early, much earlier, we even had the time to go to the Megamart to buy some fruits. We entered the parking lot around 8:30 a.m. and we waited there for almost 10 minutes. After this long wait, we got out of the car and We headed to class my aunt, my cousin and I.

Today also LG was not there. It was teacher S who replaced him. As soon as we entered the classroom, teacher S told us to go to the mosque to meditate as we do in every class. It’s a habit now. But until now I haven’t been able to focus properly, it’s been very hard. I don’t know exactly how long we meditated but it was very long.
We then returned to class. Teacher S asked us to sit down. He first started with me and asked me to tell everybody what we must do. I wasn’t at all impressed neither surprised by this question because I was already expecting it. I knew he was going to ask us about the pledges because last class we all failed that part. I asked everybody to stand up and make them recite the Pledge of allegiance. I was very proud of what I had just done but, teacher S told me that there was still some mistake like “looking at the audience when I speak and don’t make them repeat after me just make sure that everyone speaks at the same time as one person speaking’’. Next, he told a student H to explain us the pledge of faith. He did it great, but he was not articulating his world. Then, teacher S talked to him about how articulation was important and reminded him that we’ve been talking about this since day one and it shouldn’t be a problem for us anymore. And he does it again very well this time.
Then, teacher S came up with the news he spoke to us again about how we should use our brain and how we should know our surroundings. he asked us for each 3 News. For me my news was:

  • The discover of micro plastics in a human heart in China which mean that we are starting to consume our own pollution.
  • A new variety of covid 19 called Pirola begins to spread in the United States
  • And last a prisoner escaped to Philadelphia still wanted by the police.
    They said I had very good news because they themselves did not know about micro plastic in China. as we continue with the news, I learned new things in the world. and that’s why I think that this small activity can be very beneficial not only in class but also in everyday life. that’s how I understood that Gisla is very beneficial for us and it’s not just a Sunday class but an opportunity.
    Teacher S spoke to us about time management and how important it can be, not only for us but also for the people around us. For us because it allows us to have a clear idea of ​​what we are doing and how we are going to do it.
    For others, a lack of time management can waste someone else’s time and as we know, time is precious, it doesn’t wait for you, it can’t be replaced.
    Since, he talked about time management and News. Teacher S asked us for our goal in life. He first asked it to Omar who answers that his goal for the moment is to buy a car that costs 13k dollars. Then he asks me the question and I responded that my goal is to have a scholarship for university. He asked me for which university I let it him known that I had not yet decided, and he blamed me and told me that my goal must be precise, clear so I can be able to achieve it. an uncertain goal is unattainable, and I must dream of the greatest university of the world to boost me.
    Anyways, in that case teacher S told us about the opportunity in this life and how can we grab them.
    he told us that we can’t just have a goal and pray for it to come true, God sent lots of opportunities and we must behave like leaders and ask for tips.
    As for example for Omar’s car, teacher says that he knows a good car dealership that can give a discount on the car but if Omar doesn’t make an effort to ask for it, he will get nothing. I mean he can get his car, but God give him an opportunity to reach his goal easier. So, we must ask God and seek to reach it, not just ask and wait. We also must have a mentor where we can take example.
    Actually, He also ask us how all the bad news we said earlier can affect Omar in the purchase of his car. We were all without answers because we really didn’t know how. Then Teacher S came up with the answer which is for example all these bad things can happen to Omar before he gets his car and it’s quite logical because if Omar get caught by Pirola I don’t think he will be able to buy his car. And that mean we must be grateful about what God give us.
    Finally, we come to the homework and testing part. in fact, the last class teacher S asked us to define each of the metaphors in the blackboard and to learn a good part of the prayer sheet. he asks us to take some and explain it in front of everyone.
    For my metaphor I choose eidetic:
    Eidetic: Because we can train our brain until achieving photographic brain who can recall every single detail like a picture.
    For the prayer sheet, I was tested 2-time. The first time with teacher C and the second time by a wonderful woman I don’t exactly know her name, but he was so kind with us. Even when I was reciting, she manages to explain me many things I didn’t understand in the past.
    I could recite almost all the prayer sheet except the English translation of the surah Al-Ma’un and the surah Al-Falaq remain but, they said I did a great work even with my gaps in English.
    For the next class, we will be tested for the entire sheet.
    I think I’m really improving and I’m getting ride to all my bad habit in this class. I have a big hope for this class.
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